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Hi everyone,


It is great that we are back to (almost) normal now. 

It is important though that we do carry on in a way that is safe and fair to everybody and no-one is put at any risk.

To make sure  we are doing the right thing as a club I need everyone to acknowledge the rules and risk assessment. 

Thank you all for your energy and support I am very proud to be your Sensei - Osu!


  • I have been sent and/or have read a copy of the club 'Rules and risk assessment'.

  • I understand that I need to follow these rules, to keep myself and everyone safe.

  • Parents/guardians of students under 16 need to go through the rules with their child and sign on their behalf.

  • Students over 16 need to read and sign on their own behalf.

Covid-19 Safety Rules

and risk assessment

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